Wolf Pack

Teen Motivation Programs



Teens face tough challenges: academic stress, parent communication, media, technology, dating drama, abuse, bullying, addictions, depression, and peer pressure.  The choices teens make can make or break their futures.


Wolf Pack was developed to motivate teens towards self empowerment and interdependence with the goals of building strong communities and providing the tools and the strength to make the right choices. Shadowland Foundation's Wolf Ambassadors serve as role models for teens to discover, develop and value their individuality; inspiring passion and a sense of purpose, no different from a wolf pack - responsible for themselves and each other.


Under the supervision of Paul & Colette Duvall Pondella and their professional staff and counselors, Nature's Path offers an interactive presentation with a once-in-a-lifetime experience to "meet and greet" the Wolf Pack. 




“The wolves are amazing. They are embracing, loving, beautiful, and strong. Its a truly great thing to be around them.”           

                      -Daniel age 14


“Without a doubt the most motivational program I’ve ever seen.”

                    -James Ream, President LA Unified School Police


“Students were captivated by the program.”                                                      -Rudy Perez, School Police