Shadowland Foundation is a non-profit organizataion dedicated to educating children of ALL ages about the true nature of wolves. They have much to teach us about our own true and wild natures, and living in harmony with each other and our planet.

Only Shadowland Foundation offers a once-in-a-lifetime-experience for individuals, families, school groups, youth organizations, corporations, social clubs, etc. to meet and

play with our pack of ten Alaskan Timber

Wolves in California.



Mission: "Educate not Eradicate"



"Everything we have created has been designed with children in mind. They are the pioneers and guardians of our future and

armed with the truth, we know, they will certainly bring peace

and harmony to our planet, forever. We see this happening in our lifetime."                                                                   

                                                                          -Paul & Colette Pondella